Togheter with the company Neck Graph we have been working on a redesign for their app. Neck Graph is a sensor that measures the muscle activity in the shoulder muscles. Smartphone user gets biofeedback when muscle activity is too high or too prolonged. Even by persistently low muscle activity muscles can become inflamed and cause pain in the shoulders, neck and head. Neck Graph has today an app for smartphones and tablets that gives direct feedback on your muscle activity to you or your physiotherapist. This app is today hard to understand and it is difficult to see your muscle activity history in the app.

We wanted to make the live graph more accessible and glanceable, the point with the live graph is to have it in the background and pay attention when the muscle activity starts to get high. We have also included a motion tracker that detects what activity you are doing. This gives more value to the history graph, so you can see in which activities you are most exposed to high muscle activity.

Collaboration: Eirik Haugen Murvold
Partner: Neck Graph
Where:  The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
When: MA Screens