This is Roberto. He is a curious little robot. He likes to move around with his wheels and legs and to wave and knock with his hands and gloves. Roberto remembers how to use the different limbs, but you need to help this little robot to do this by changing his parts.

With this toy children can emerge in to an imaginative world. With a face with only eyes children can project their own feelings on to Roberto while playing with him. Even though he hasn’t any ability to express his feelings he is brought to life by moving around and waving his arms. The children will get his full attention by changing his peripherals and experience that he is changing his behaviour.

This is a 3 weeks project in collaboration with Martin Holt Juliussen at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Collaboration: Martin Holt Juliussen
Where:  The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
When: MA Tangible Interaction