Last semester in the Systems Oriented Design course I collaborated with the Norwegian newspaper VG. Our goal was to make a concept for how VG could be in the future. My focus area through this process have been the journalists at VG and my insight comes from interviews, observations, workshops and content mapping.

What is the problem at VG today? VG needs to change the way they present their content. In my research I mapped out all the articles written about the Volkswagen-scandal in a 10 day period. The mapping shows that VG repeat a lot of their content and almost 50% of the text written in 87 articles were repetition. The reason for this repetition is fist of all that the journalists are writing their articles for everyone, also people that haven’t read anything about the VW-scandal. But also because they don’t see how the content looks like for the reader and what they have been presented before. Writing 87 articles are a time consuming job and many hours have been spent on copying content instead of producing new content.

I have prototyped a new publishing tool for the journalists with the goal to make it easier for them to get an overview of what have been produced at VG. The prototype focus on the way the journalists work and how they can be more creative and efficient when creating content. I want to give the journalist an overview of what have been presented to the reader before, and a chance to deliberately choose content to reuse. This tool makes a shift in how the journalists work today, by forcing tagging, a more open process and the need of collaboration. Hopefully the journalists will see the value of having all content gathered in one place and wishes to contribute.

This is a 4 months project in collaboration with VG at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The project won 1st prize for the BEKK sponsored “Prize for Interaction Design”  and the 1st prize for the EGGS sponsored “Prize for complexity and holistic approach” at AHO works 2016. I received a Student Notable honor in the Interaction category in the Core77 Design Awards 2016, see more here:

Collaboration: VG
Where:  The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
When: MA Systems Oriented Design 2015