The Value of News is an interaction design diploma that aims to challenge the online news providers to think differently on how they present news. The project focuses on how to make the news relevant to the newsreaders and to meet their needs.

When a news event is unfolding, the online news providers are focused mainly on publishing articles as quickly as possible. This leads to a massive amount of information that requires a lot of the newsreader’s time and effort to be able to understand.

We want to make it easier to understand why a news event is happening and to see the event as a part of a bigger picture. By visualizing the relations between cases and organizing the information we want to create a less overwhelming news situation.

This is Ripple – the news relevant to you!

Diploma project done together with Marte Frøyse Vidvei at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The project won 1st prize for the BEKK sponsored “Prize for Interaction Design”  at AHO works 2016.

Collaboration: Marte Frøyse Vidvei
Supervisors: Mosse Sjaastad (AHO), Jon Olav Eiknes (Schibsted Media Group) & Ingrid Reime (VG)
Where:  The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
When: Diploma, spring 2016